Christian Von Koenigsegg

A man and his dream

Christian von Koenigsegg

From an early age, friends and family — and Christian von Koenigsegg himself — had an inkling that he would have a future in the automotive industry, as he took great interest in machinery and the likes. Koenigsegg recalls a time when he was five years old and watched a stop-motion film about a bicycle repairman who built his own sports car as the turning point that led to his dream of doing the very same thing someday. In his teen years, Koenigsegg worked for a Suzuki dealership where he washed cars, but he was better known for his side gig as the best moped tuner in his town.

Propelled by the idea of innovation, an 18-year-old Koenigsegg started to get more serious about creating new technologies and sharing them within his community. This led to creations like the “Chip Player,” a music player that used chips rather than CDs, and “Click,” a new way of joining floorboards together without nails or glue. The Chip Player never took off, and Koenigsegg faced numerous rejections with Click, though an identical concept was later patented by a Belgian and Swedish company with which Koenigsegg has no relation.

Throughout his years of experimenting with music and flooring innovations, Koenigsegg dreamt of creating his very own supercar in the back of his mind. At the young age of 22, he made that dream a reality with the Koenigsegg CC. Driven by the successful solo completion of his hand-built sports car, Koenigsegg moved forward with sharing his creation with like-minded enthusiasts, and before long, the Koenigsegg Automotive AB brand was introduced to the world. Today, the brand remains dedicated to delivering high-end sports car performance to drivers all over the globe.

a man and his dream
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